What is your first consideration when you look for a new office telephone system for your organisation? Do you just want the cheapest one? Or, would it be wiser to pick the one that will grow with your business? If you don’t pick the right one, the “cheap” option may end up costing you more. It may be worth your while to look at a brand such as Mitel. At the cutting edge of voice communication for over thirty years, Mitel have a proven history of demonstrating new and contemporary ways to overcome the day to day obstacles most organisations’ communication efforts are up against.

You need to choose a brand that offers a clear focus on technology and solutions but, who can tailor these to meet the needs and preferences of your business. The leading and most reliable telephone manufacturers for businesses in the UK have this reputation for a reason. Is it really wise to pick one of the smaller or cheaper manufacturers for such an integral part of your business systems?

Manufacturers such as Mitel have systems that deliver a number of telephony features to guarantee that all of your organisation’s requirements are met while still remaining a scalable and cost-effective solution. Being cost-effective is also an important consideration. You may not want to risk the cheapest product on the market but, there is no point paying over the odds for a complex system that you will not utilise. Make sure you choose the one with the features you need.

A good phone system will be designed as to allow a wide selection of embedded applications to be utilised productively by organisations of all sizes, offering a much more simplified management experience that gives you full authority over all your communication needs. This should also mean that as your business needs change; your phone system can easily and affordably be upgraded or downgraded to suit.

Your new telephone system should be highly configurable, ensuring that your organisation can successfully incorporate it into any existing infrastructure already in place. To be sure that all communications in your business are continuous and smooth, choose a telephone system that has IP networking features that can be used with confidence to certify that all calls are being correctly connected and routed.

If in doubt, contact a reputable telecoms company that have a long and proven knowledge of working with a range of telephone systems and their applications, meeting the telephony needs of your business from initial quotations, system installation, cabling through to end user training. With a good telecoms company to guide you, you can have access to comprehensive future ready technology that provides your company with a more efficient and professional level of interaction, helping to improve your customer service at a low cost.

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If it is not too much to say, businesses cannot possibly run without a good telephone system. Phones act as one of the main doors that let clients into your businesses. A good phone will act both as your internal administrative medium especially for multi-branched businesses and as the primary communication media for sales and support services. With that said it is just a must to choose a good and trustworthy provider because a large portion of your success will rely on it.

Qualities of a good service provider

Trustworthiness Although it is hard to determine the trustworthiness of any company that you deal with you can find cues and clues that will suggest they are worthy of your business. For starters an office telephone provider must always meet their deadlines especially if they are the one that set it. For an instance they told you that they will send you a quote within the day then they should send it within the day. If it is not possible then it is better they inform you ahead of time not when you are already on the phone complaining.

Remember it is better that the service provider tell that they will try with no promises made than to tell that they can only to find out they cannot. A trustworthy office telephone provider must always put your expectations on top.

Flexibility and options a good provider should give you the flexibility and the luxury to choose what is best for your business. It is a big no no for any provider to only offer you the most expensive system if the in fact the lesser expensive system will do the job for you. Choose a provider that will give you all the possible options with all the pros and cons of each solution.

Flexible or no contract It is just logic that if a service provider is confident that there service is good then there is no reason for a customer to switch. It is best to choose a telecommunications company that has no contracts, so if anything happen you can easily bail out and switch companies.

Unparalleled customer service Being in the telecommunications industry it is a must for them to have outstanding customer support mechanism. It is a must for them to have the best phone etiquette and fast response because your business heavily depends on your phone system.

Continually growing With all the technological innovations today call rates and other phone system associated costs are continually decreasing. It is a must for a provider to pass on the savings to the customers through promos, call cost reduction and so on.

People who run a business of any kind, whether it is a large multinational or a small business, need to have a business telephone system. Having a business telephone system will give them more capabilities, and make them more efficient as well. But some people still are not convinced of this, and it affects them in ways they are not aware of.

True or false? A business telephone system is designed to accept all types of phone calls.

False! People who believe they do not need a business telephone system usually think that they can receive business calls and personal calls on the same telephone. These people believe if they were to get a business telephone, it is basically like having two phones for the same purpose. But this isn’t the case; a business telephone enables you to accept business calls only. You will not have to worry about personal calls that are unrelated.

True or false? Organising a business telephone is going to be far more difficult than a personal phone.

False! Organising a business telephone is far easier and far more convenient then if you were to accept business calls and personal calls on the same telephone. How many times have you missed important business calls because it got mixed up in personal calls you weren’t able to separate? Chances are more than once, even if you are unaware of it. This makes you look unprofessional, and probably hurts your business in the long run.

True or false? Personal calls will still find their way through if you have a business telephone system.

False! Personal calls will only find their way through if you give out the business telephone number to people not related to your business. As long as you give out your business telephone number only to those who are associated with your business in some sort of way, or possible contacts, you won’t have to worry about this. I’m sure you are receiving these phone calls to your personal phone right now, and the reason why is because everyone has access to the same phone number.

Do you understand now why you need a business telephone system? Chances are you have been hurting yourself in more ways than one by not having one. You learned from this simple quiz that having a business telephone will enable you to accept only business calls and not personal calls, a business phone will be far easier to organize, and you will not have to worry about personal business interfering with real business.

If you are feeling to need to have an appropriate Samsung phone system in your organization which is capable of meeting your requirements, then there are a number of systems to choose from. There are the IP PBX systems, PBX systems and a number of other phones. The chances of your getting confused are high.

Take another situation. You have purchased a Samsung business telephone system and this serves as a crucial nerve centre of calls-management. Some problem occurs and the system fails to function appropriately. There is likely to be chaos in the organization in the absence of robust telephonic system. You clients and others will have problem in communicating with the organization and also in the intra-organizational communication.

In both these situations, the first and foremost thing to do is to call up the customer service of the company and inform them about the problem. The remote service support is vital to the solution of the telecommunication problems. This can be done in real time over the phone or by using the chat system. Here are some of its distinctive advantages:
1.If you are yet to decide on any one of the Samsung business telephone systems, then you can get invaluable help from the customer service. The experts will analyse your true requirements and will tell you the right Samsung office phones to choose from as per your needs rather than from their selling perspective. This is a crucial pre-sales support which is provided by the remote customer service personnel.
2.The remote customer service is always the first line of the problem resolution process. Most of the complaints can be handled by the experts manning the customer service centres. They will understand the nature of your problem and provide the solutions straight away which you can carry out at your office.
3.The on-site support may take time to come. The problem associated with the Samsung office phones can be tried to be corrected in the meantime using the telephonic medium.
4.Majority of the problems can be rectified using the online support. So, there are good chances that you do not have to waste the time looking for the support to come to the site.
5.It saves you time and money, which could be very crucial for the organization dealing with emergency services.
6.Customer service support is not dependent on the extraneous factors like adverse weather conditions, or odd hours of operation. So, it can be approached even late at night and in extreme weather conditions.
All these points bring forth the significance of the remote customer service support. The Samsung business telephone system is helpful in the following ways:
1.Enables you to manage the telephone calls more effectively.
2.Brings in more efficiency by cutting down on the number of unnecessary calls and even by making use of systems like VoIP for cheap international calling.
3.Reduces the telephone bills.
4.Ensures better control over the intra-organizational call routings.

If you’ve been debating using a live telephone answering service for your medical office, you probably already know that it can provide you with peace of mind during your off hours. Today’s call centers are highly specialized with trained operators who you can consider an extension of your practice. Here are five more good reasons why you should consider a live telephone answering service.

1. Saves You Money

Initially, a live telephone answering service will cost you more than automated voicemail; but compared to hiring additional support staff, an answering service is extremely affordable. Most of these services only charge you for the actual time they spend with your patients, which means you will only pay for what you actually need.

2. Personal service

A well-trained call center can not only provide a human voice, but can also give you patients a sense of comfort. Many people, especially the elderly, feel intimidated by recorded messages. Having someone who can respond to their unique issues makes callers feel as if they can trust you and your practice even when they are not talking directly to you. As personal service becomes rarer in today’s marketplace, companies that provide human interaction to their customers stand out from the pack.

3. 24/7 Coverage

For many doctors who have worked hard to build up their practice, the idea of leaving it alone for even a day is chilling. You don’t want to lose the momentum you’ve built, and you don’t want to risk losing patients who can’t get the help they need when they need it. A live telephone answering service can provide coverage 24/7, and has the ability to contact you immediately if they need to. You won’t be bothered during your off hours, but you can rest assured that if something important comes up, you’ll be immediately notified.

4. Professional Assistance

Today’s answering service employees are not just there to serve as operators. They are a liaison between your patients and your practice. Many of these individuals have received specialized HIPAA training, and can direct your patients to emergency care if they determine it is necessary. Your patients will feel confident that their medical concerns are being addressed with the highest level of professionalism even when you are not personally there to oversee it.

6. Excellence in Marketing

Doctors rely heavily on repeat and referral business, and providing personalized care around the clock is the best way to ensure your patients keep coming back’and let their friends and family know how much they appreciate your service. A live telephone answering service can be customized with your own messages. You can use your answering service to let your patients know about important seasonal announcements, promotional information, and special news that will build a brand for your practice and provide valuable health care information.